Pace IR4100 BGA työasema IR-tekniikalla

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IR4100 Infrared BGA and SMD Rework Station

The IR4100 can easily install and remove BGA, QFN, μBGA/CSP, Flip Chip and other SMD’s. Featuring a 500W infrared (IR) top heater and 1900W IR bottom preheater, comprised 1x1000W IR Heater and 6x150W Peripheral IR Heaters. The IR4100 does not require nozzles. A specially-developed IR pyrometer provides non-contact, real-time, closed-loop temperature control throughout the reflow process. A Sodr-Cam Reflow Camera comes standard, allowing you to watch the entire reflow process in real time. The IR4100’s newly designed Windows-based software makes profiling incredibly simple for even the most advanced applications, providing intuitive set-up, multi-stage profiling, on-the-fly profile adjustment, flux-dipping, unlimited profile storage and much more.

The IR4100 is specifically designed to rework large PCBs as big as 24″(610mm) x 24″(610mm). With its 6 independently controlled peripheral IR bottom heaters, the operator will be able to create an effective heating profile with ease, without fear of reflowing nearby components or joints. The IR4100’s uniquely designed Board Support Beam will keep any board from possible warping or sagging during a heating profile.
Code: 8007-0592