Sauter SW desibelimittari Professional

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Sauter first-class professional
SW 1000 is Class I  and SW 2000 is Class II professional sound level meters.
Data logging function with date and time in the device and data transfer using MicroSD (4 GB) memory card (included with delivery), RS-232 or USB
Different sound pressure levels can be selected, such as, for example, Laeq, LcPeak, LaF, LaFMax, LaFMin, SD, SEL, E
Ideal for measurements for workplaces which are outdoors, e.g. at airports, on building sites, in road construction etc. with broad access to spectrum thanks to the highly-accurate 24-Bit A/D converter

Floating point evaluation for higher level of accuracy and better stability

The optimised analogue frontend switch reduces the ambient noise and increases the linear measuring range

A specially-developed algorithm permits a compliant dynamic range of more than 120 dB! (SW 1000: > 123 dB; SW 2000: > 122 dB)

Three profiles and 14 user-defined measurements can be calculated in parallel with different frequency and time weighting

LN statistics and display of the graph showing the progression of time

User-defined integral interval measurement up to a maximum of 24 hours is possible

Frequency weighting (filter) A, B, C, Z

Time interval during measurement: F (fast), S (slow), I (pulse)

Freely-definable limits for the output of an optical alarm signal

Peak Hold Mode to capture peaks

Octavo function for targeted sound analysis

TRACK function with graphic display of a measurement

Calibration mode (with optional calibrator)

Trigger mode: Analogue signal to switch the device on or off with 3.5 mm plug

Automatic measurement for timer function is possible

: 10, 5, 2 Hz

Delivered in a hard carrying case (käyttöohjeet englanniksi, saksaksi ja ranskaksi)
Option of fitting a column on the rear of the housing, ¼” thread

Operating languages: English, german, french, Spanish, Portuguese

Sauter SW1000 tarkkuusluokka 1,  Mittausalue 20-134 dB, taajuus 0,01-20 kHz, herkkyys 50mV/Pa

Sauter SW2000 tarkkuusluokka 2,  Mittausalue 25-136 dB, taajuus 0,02-12,5 kHz, herkkyys 40mV/Pa

Maksullinen tehdas-tai DAkkS -kalibrointitodistus saatavilla tarvittaessa.


Sound level meter

SW 1000, SW 2000



Sauter on saksalaisenKern & Sohn GmbH:n tuotemerkki laadukkaille mittausteknologiatyökaluille. Sauter tarjoaa tarkat mittauslaitteet ammattikäyttöön.