Motic DM-111


Full Microscope Features

This Microscope has all the features that a full-scale professional unit should have.


The DM-111 is a unique platform for Microscopy in general and especially for Digital Microscopy. This unit has all the features of a professional microscope including the possibility of 100X oil microscopy. The 1.25NA condenser coupled with the high-intensity LED illumination system provides the right ammount of illumination for all types of slides at all types of magnification.

When the microscope is attached to the computer through the USB connection on the back of the DM-111, the entire unit transforms into a digital microscope. Use the application software provided in the package, and unlock the many teaching, research and fun possibilities associated with digital microscopy.


- Eyepiece: Locked WF10X/18mm with built-in pointer
- Nosepiece: Quatruple revolving with positive click-stops
- Standard Objectives: DIN Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x(S), 100x (S, Oil)
- Stage: Built-in Mechanical Stage with low-position coaxial controls
- Condenser: Spiral-mount focusable 1.25N.A. Abbe Condenser
- Illumination: Rechargeable LED with dimming control
- Power Supply: External Variable Voltage Charger110V-240V

- Chip Configuration: Built-in 1/4" Live 800x600 Imaging Chip
- Data Output: USB1.0/1.1
- Power Supply: Through USB Cable from Computer
- Included Software: Motic Educator Multi Language for Windows and English for Macintosh
- Included Accessories: Calibration Slide for accurate measurements; Dust Cover; Immersion Oil
- Minimum Specifications:
- Windows: 98SE or higher; 256MB RAM; P3; Built-in USB / Macintosh: OS9; 256MB RAM; G3; Built-in USB

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