Motic DS-2


Teacher Designed

This is a true cross-curriculum macroscope and will find frequent use in many classroom situations


When people think about microscopy in schools, they often think about prepared slides, staining and high-powered magnifications. With a normal compound microscope, you can not look at macro objects such as Bugs, Minerals, Cloth, etc. This is where the DS-2 comes in.

The DS-2 is a digital macroscope designed according to a "wish-list" of features drafted by teachers in the US. This microscope can be used in Geography lessons to look at minerals and fossils, in Chemistry lessons to observe and record simple experiments as well as in the more traditional Biology environment. Coupled with a built-in digital camera chip, the DS-2 transmits live streaming images to a computer through a normal USB connection. With the included Motic application software, any image can easily be quantified, measured, edited, recorded and much more.


- Eyepiece: Locked WF10X
- Stand: Pole-type stand with slow-falling safety mount
- Standard Magnification: Built-in 2X objective; Auxilliary 2X objective provided for max. 40X magnification
- Stage: Reversible stage plate black/white; stage clips
- Illumination: Rechargeable LED on gooseneck mount for oblique lighting at different angles
- Power Supply: Attachable Auto Cut-off saefty charger

- Chip Configuration: Built-in 1/4" Live 640x480 Imaging Chip
- Data Output: USB1.0/1.1
- Power Supply: Through USB Cable from Computer
- Included Software: Motic Play & Motic Educator for Windows & Macintosh OS9/OSX
- Included Accessories: Calibration Slide for accurate measurements; Dust Cover
- Minimum Specifications:
- Windows: 98SE; 256MB RAM; P3; Built-in USB / Macintosh: OS9; 256MB RAM; G3; Built-in USB

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