Motic DM-52


Your students will love this!

The DM-52 is an all inclusive introductory Digital Microscope at a very affordable price.


This microscope combines practicality with well thought-out features into a quality microscope.

The DM-52 is fully portable thanks to its rechargeable LED illumination combined with a dimming on/off switch. This allows the unit to be easily carried from classroom to classroom and even outside and you don"t have to be tied-down by electrical outlet positions. When plugged into a computer through a simple USB connection, the DM-52 turns into an amazing Digital Microscopy station. When using higher magnifications, the built-in "floating" stage will allow you to move the sample smoothly under the objective.

The DM-52 runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms and is packaged with Motic Play and Motic Educator.


- Eyepiece: Locked WF10X/18mm with built-in pointer
- Nosepiece: Triple revolving with positive click-stops
- Standard Objectives: Corrected 4x, 10x, 40x(S)
- Stage: "Floating" movable & rotatable stage with slide clips
- Illumination: Rechargable LED with dimming control
- Power Supply: External Variable Voltage Charger 110V-240V

- Chip Configuration: Built-in 1/4" Live 640x480 pixels Imaging Chip
- Data Output: USB1.0/1.1
- Power Supply: Through USB Cable from Computer
- Included Software: Motic Play & Motic Educator Multi-Language for PC and Motic Play & Motic Educator English for Macintosh
- Included Accessories: Calibration Slide for accurate measurements; Dust Cover
- Minimum Specifications: Windows: 98SE or higher; 256MB RAM; P3; Built-in USB / Macintosh: OS9 or higher; 256MB RAM; G3; Built-in USB


- Unique "floating" stage can be pushed in, out, left, right and even turned around making sure that moving the slide is as smooth as possible
- The rechargeable LED illumination allows the microscope to be fully portable
- The included Motic Application Software makes this a great Hobby as well as Educational tool


- The DM-52 is compatible with Macintosh OSX when used with either Motic Play or Motic Educator
- Both Motic Play and Motic Educator are included in the package allowing you to choose the version you perfer

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